I turned twenty on the warmest day of the first week of October. It's sad to leave my teenage years but although I am older by every passing year, I am newer by every passing day. So many people count the number of days we are alive as an indicator of growth, but growth in life is not measured by days but by how those days are lived. Although I haven't quite experienced most of the things that my peers have, my lack of experiences leaves my mind untainted by what it out there, giving me more days to be curious.

Where my peers have dabbled their toes in the clubbing scenes and staying out partying into the wee hours of the morning, I have not. Some may think I've missed out on my teenage years of being young and wild. But I found Leon and I found love and that was the most thrilling thing that came out of my teenage years. To have spent my teenagehood with a love that flows so passionately through my blood is the epitome of wild.

On the outside I am twenty years old but on the inside I am the age of my heart - and my heart is young.

my boy