bunny love

My rabbit boys are now the same age as me in human years. 9 months have passed in my eyes, but in their beautiful big brown eyes, 19 years have passed.
Everyday is a milestone for me. Everyday I watch them grow. Their minds like a firecracker, blitzing away in all different directions, learning and discovering and growing.
They have two very different personalities but share the same unconditional love for each other. It melts my heart to watch them love so much.
They refuse to eat in separate bowls and will always eat out of the same tiny blue bowl I got them when they were small, faces squished up against each other's so tightly that their eyes are half closed. They will groom each other until they're satisfied and snuggle next to each other afterwards for their daily naps.

forehead kisses
sleeping with their new friends
sunday morning kisses

But to watch them love each other so tremendously aches my heart knowing that one day in the future, one of my rabbits will move on. Tears will always start to form in my eyes when I imagine the other of the pair grieving the loss of their brother, their best friend. It hurts me when I think of the hurt of my rabbit's but until that time comes, I will celebrate every day they are together for their love is worth celebrating.