art du jour

Here are some photos from my recent shoot before uni started for the year. It's part of Art du Jour by Leiela Gowns for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Life is ... going by. I told my parents my plans of pursuing photography instead of enrolling in postgraduate law school next year. It didn't go down too well. I am not myself these days because of it. I doubt myself more than ever and have fallen out of love with my photographs. I plan to move out when I graduate at the end of the year. Anywhere will do, home is where I lay my head now.
I'm also slowly saving up money for a short trip in the middle of Semester 2 to London, a city that I have always dreamt of visiting. If all goes well, I might go back and live there for a few months next year.

Oh dreams, I wonder if it will all happen.

Model: Casey-Lee
H+MUA: Marika Brown
Dress: Leiela Evening Gowns
Jewellery: Winnie As