2012 - the year of the writer

NYE - $10 maxi dress bought in Sydney
I started the first few seconds of the new year leaning against the window in my boyfriend's double storey garage watching the fireworks with a few of his friends and their partners. It was magical.
But the magic ended in a hurry when the clock struck 12 and just like Cinderella in her fairytale, I had to quickly leave the party.
My older brother had to fly away from our nest of a home to return back to his base. That's the most difficult thing about having a family member in the Army, they can only spend so little time with us until they have to report back to their duties. There's also no certainty of when they'll be coming home.
We said our goodbyes at the airport and wished him luck for the new year.

The past month with my brother felt so beautiful. Home felt like home when he was there.
It's heartbreaking that the only way to relive those moments is in my head.
we'd spend hours playing board games together 
the fish tank had never looked more clear
It's the new year now and I thought I'd make take the opportunity to change how I want my blog to be.
I want this blog is going to be about the stories I have to tell and the bonus photos that come along with it.

I've also deleted my Tumblr account. I found I was being too heavily influenced by a generation of hipsters. I want to see and do things with my heart, and my heart only.
But this handsome stranger from somewhere across the world who appreciates my own writings amongst my hundreds of reblogs and who I love his writings equally as much, if not more, made me realise that despite 99% of Tumblr users are photo re-posters, be that 1% who writes.
What he had to say:
"Every time you publish something here in the chaotic forum of good ideas, terrible ideas, and impossibly huge arrays of cat photos, you're contributing. Your contribution affects the global Tumblrshpere, and the more you contribute, the more you'll influence it. Then maybe one day we can live in a world where the sheep are for wool rather than walking neon-clad credit cards at American Apparel"
Ah the beauty of words. I have a crush on those whose words rhythmically fall off the tip of their tongues.

And new year resolutions?
To take more photos and write more.
Oh and find myself a job - cash rules everything around me.

PS - my boyfriend's dear mother gave me a visual journal along with some watercolour pencils and a brush for Christmas. It's fun painting, though I only have 12 colours to work with at the moment.
Here's my first time watercolouring:
the moon child
Update - I've gone back to Tumblr