let black birds fly

Here's a little photoshoot I did before the end of semester exams started to drain the life out of me. I lost all motivation this semester and I never attended any of my 50+ lectures, so studying for those exams was such a horrible experience. But all my exams are done now and I'm on a little break until my Winter classes begin next week (I need to gather more points in order to graduate faster!) 

Model: Audrey @ Mode Talent
MUA: Kylie Lee
Stylist: Kate Fisher
Assistant: Josephine Giles

- - -

In other news, Google Reader is closing down soon and the new way to keep out to date with your favourite blogs is with BlogLovin'. It's very quick and easy to import all your Google Reader subscriptions to BlogLovin'.

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If BlogLovin' isn't for you, that's okay! I'm on a whole heap of other social networking sites such as facebooktumblrtwitter and I've recently jumped the instagram bandwagon so you can keep up to date with whatever is going on in my photography life. I have heaps of new photos to edit from shoots I've organised recently and I can't wait to show you guys. Hope to see you all on the other side and thank you for following this little blog of mine. You are all my wonderful friends.

Lots of love,